Total Web Development Course

From Zero to Hero

You don't need to know anything more than how to turn on the computer and run a web browser. Yet, I will make you a full-stack web developer in only couple of hours.

Programming is poetry.

  • Understand Technologies

    Learn how things really work behind the scene. Learn what's behind the frontend and backend. You will finally understand how all the pieces fit to the puzzle.

  • Nobody Is Left Behind

    No matter what computer you own, you will be able to finish this course. You can choose from three development environments based on the capabilities of your machine.

  • Build Your Own Web Application

    You will not learn just the theory. You will create your own web app! A Facebook-like discussion system ready to serve its first users!

  • Time-Saving Education

    You will get everything you need, but you won't get overwhelmed by myriad of things you don't.

40.000+ students can't be wrong.

Become a programming polyglot.

  • HTML

    HTML, the structure of web. You will learn how to code with the latest version, HTML5.

  • CSS

    CSS, the style of web. You will learn how to modify HTML and create universal styling.

  • Javascript

    Javascript, the dynamics of web. You will learn how to change behavior of your web pages.

  • Docker

    Local development & remote deployment. Docker, Vagrant, XAMPP, GitHub, Digital Ocean.

  • MySQL

    MySQL. Storing data, retrieving data, modify data. You will learn it all.

  • PHP

    PHP. Powerful server-side language that will make your app shine.

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